Cay Thi visiting Buu Long temples to pray for blessings at the beginning of the year

Going to the temple and pagoda at the beginning of the year is a traditional beauty of Vietnamese people, with sincere visits to the temple and praying for peace and prosperity in the new year. Not an exception, Cay Thi has organized a trip to Buu Long temples - one of the most sacred temples in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cay Thi has made remarkable progress over the years, partly thanks to the belief in "worshiping the gods and ancestors," and the ritual of going to the temple to pray for blessings is one of the annual activities that the company always maintains. This year's destination is one of the top 10 most beautiful temples in the world, considered an attractive spiritual tourism site, worthy of coming to admire the beautiful architecture that mesmerizes people's hearts.
Here, with the wholehearted guidance of the master, team Cay Thi had a very favorable itinerary: Buddhist rituals, offering, and receiving lucky money at the beginning of the year. Marking a smooth, lucky, prosperous, and successful start to the new year. Let's follow Cay Thi's journey to Buu Long Temple for the first Buddhist trip of the year!

On this joyful temple trip, Cay Thi also wishes everyone a peaceful family year, successful career, security, and prosperity in all aspects of life.

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