October 20th: The beautiful flowers in Cay Thi's garden

Recently, everyone eagerly welcomed the surprising October 20th Vietnamese Women's Union Establishment Day. Secretly, Cay Thi prepared extremely lovely gifts to express her profound gratitude towards her female colleagues. The annual activities of Cay Thi always aim to show favors to female workers who are the beautiful flowers in Cay Thi's garden. They tirelessly and wholeheartedly contribute to the company's common goals in the past years. October 20th is an occasion for female colleagues to receive "special favors" from male colleagues and to capture beautiful moments with their dear colleagues.

Although these flowers and small gifts from male colleagues are small, we, as female colleagues, can still feel their special care and enormous encouragement. How can we not laugh happily? Let take a look at the adorable photos of the Cay Thi's "roses" together! 

Who do you see as the happiest person? Well, everyone is happy and beautiful. Also, on this occasion, I wish all women to receive many gifts, flowers, compliments, and wishes from the men. I wish you all more luck and happiness in both work and life!

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